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Cognition: Int'l Ed [Paperback] 4e by Mark H. Ashcraft

Cognition: Int'l Ed [Paperback] 4e by Mark H. Ashcraft

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Paperback : 640 pages
ISBN-10 : 013198229X
ISBN-13 : 9780131982291
Product Dimensions : 19.3 x 2.3 x 23.3 cm
Publisher : Pearson (1 July 2005) 4th Ed
Language: : English



The psychology of human memory and cognition is fascinating, dealing with questions and ideas that are inherently interesting, such as how we think, reason, remember, and use language. This text is directed primarily toward undergraduate students at junior and senior level. Using a first person narrative, posing direct questions to the reader, and balancing classic research with cutting edge topics, the author draws in the reader and conveys the excitement of the field.

The fourth edition thoroughly covers the foundation areas in cognition. Reflecting the increasing use of new technologies to study memory and cognition, Ashcraft continues to integrate sections on neurosciences withing individual chapter topics. A major section in the introductory chapters provides background and information on neurons and the brain, so even students without formal coursework on the biological bases of congnition will be prepared for the cognitive neuroscience coverage in the text.

Other important new developments also examined in the new edition include: false memory research, new research on working memory and individual differences, new strides in online investigations of comprehension and reading, and new challenges to the classic research in heurstics in decision-making.