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Solid State Physics (Int'l Ed) [Paperback] 2e by Snoke

Solid State Physics (Int'l Ed) [Paperback] 2e by Snoke

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Paperback : 619 pages
ISBN-10 : 0321605500
ISBN-13 : 9780321605504
Publisher : Addison-Wesley, 2009
Language: : English



Key Benefit: Solid State Physics: Essential Concepts centers on the unifying, essential theoretical concepts and tools of modern condensed matter physics that every reader should know to read the literature. It is envisioned as a graduate text for a 1-semester course although the reader is not assumed to have prior knowledge of solid state physics because results are derived from first principles.

Key Topics: Electron Bands, Electronic Quasiparticles, Classical Waves in Anisotropic Media, Quantized Waves, Interactions of Quasiparticles, Group Theory, The Complex Susceptibility, Many-Body Perturbation Theory, Coherence and Correlation, Spin and Magnetic Systems, Spontaneous Coherence in Matter

Market Description: Intended for readers who need to learn the basics of modern condensed matter physics.