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Organizational Behavior [Paperback] 9e by Steven McShane

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 9 edition (17 Nov. 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1260570657
ISBN-13: 9781260570656
Product Dimensions: 27.4 x 3.1 x 21.6 cm

Identical Content with US Edition

Alternative US Edition For Reference Only  
ISBN-13: 9781260799552
ISBN-10: 1260799557




Organizational Behavior, 9e by McShane/Von Glinow helps everyone make sense of OB and provides the conceptual tools to work more effectively in the workplace. It emphasizes emerging OB knowledge with globally focused, real-world examples and evidence-based literature. This edition explains how work-life integration is becoming an essential employee practice in the workplace; how social networks generate power and shape communication patterns; how emotions influence employee motivation, attitudes, and decisions; how self-concept is a significant determinant of individual behavior, team cohesion, and leadership; and how adopting a global mindset has become an important employee characteristic in this increasingly interconnected world. This book presents the reality that organizational behavior is not just for managers; it is relevant and valuable to anyone who works in and around organizations.

The McShane and Von Glinow product is acclaimed for:
• Readability, presentation of current knowledge
• Linking OB concepts and theories with reality
• Strong International / Global orientation
• Contemporary Theory Foundation (without the jargon)
• Active Learning and Critical Thinking Support
• Textbook's philosophy OB knowledge is for everyone, not just traditional managers