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Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers (Int'l Ed) [Paperback] 3e by Mamlouk

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers (Int'l Ed) [Paperback] 3e by Mamlouk

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Paperback : 600 pages
ISBN-10 : 0138009562
ISBN-13 : 9780138009564
Product Dimensions : 19.9 x 3.1 x 23.3 cm
Publisher : Pearson (13 May 2010)
Language: : English



Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers, 3/e is ideal for courses in Civil Engineering Materials, Construction Materials, and Construction Methods and Materials offered in Civil, Environmental, or Construction engineering departments.

This introduction gives students a basic understanding of the material selection process and the behavior of materials ― a fundamental requirement for all civil and construction engineers performing design, construction, and maintenance. The authors cover the various materials used by civil and construction engineers in one useful reference, limiting the vast amount of information available to the introductory level, concentrating on current practices, and extracting information that is relevant to the general education of civil and construction engineers. A large number of experiments, figures, sample problems, test methods, and homework problems gives students opportunity for practice and review.