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Mechanics of Materials [Hardcover] 1e by Madhukar Vable - Smiling Bookstore

Mechanics of Materials [Hardcover] 1e by Madhukar Vable

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Hardcover: 800 pages 
Publisher: OUP USA (14 Mar. 2002) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0195133374 
ISBN-13: 9780195133370 
Product Dimensions: 24.1 x 3.8 x 20.6 cm 



Mechanics of materials synthesizes the empirical relationships of materials into the logical and deduced framework of mechanics to produce formulas for use in the design of structures and other solid bodies. The field has seen incredible growth in the last twenty-five years. A few years ago, today's routine industry techniques and practices were merely research topics; studies that applied only to civil, mechanical, and aerospace engineering now apply to such common place things as electronic packaging, medical implants, geological movements, and wood products that meet specific strength requirements. It is into this rapidly changing world, that Madhukar Vable's book Introduction to Mechanics of Materials takes its place as a standard text in mandatory courses for civil engineering majors and most mechanical and aerospace engineering majors. Vable's distinct pedagogical theory translates into exceptional features within the book that enhance the reader's participation in learning. It assumes a complimentary connection between intuition, experimental observation, and mathematical generalization: intuitive development and understanding need not be at odds with mathematical logic, rigor, and generalization allowing the text to emphasize general educational values without distracting the reader from the main point of the text. Introduction to Mechanics of Materials promises to provide the skills and principles that will help students organize and make sense of the flood of information emerging in modern engineering. Pedagogical Features BL Overview: Each chapter begins with an Overview that describes the motivation for studying the chapter and the major learning objective in the chapter BL Points and Formulas to Remember: Each chapter ends with a one-page synopsis of non-optional topics BL Plan and Comments: Every example starts with a Plan for solving the problem and ends with Comments that connect the example with previous and future concepts in the text BL Quick-tests: Quick-tests diagnose students' understanding of text material BL Consolidate Your Knowledge: These boxes follow major topics and prompt students to write a synopsis of or derive a formula for material just covered, encouraging development of personal reasoning skills BL General Information: These sections connect historical development and advanced topics to material in each chapter BL "Stretch Yourself": Problems labeled "Stretch Yourself" contain reference material that may be helpful in the future BL Closure: Every chapter closes with links to topics in subsequent chapters BL Formula Sheet: These sheets are found inside the back cover of the book for easy reference. They list equations of non-optional topics but include no explanations of variables and equations so they can be used during exams