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Essentials of Engineering Economic Analysis [Hardcover] 2e by Donald G. Newnan - Smiling Bookstore

Essentials of Engineering Economic Analysis [Hardcover] 2e by Donald G. Newnan

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Hardcover: 708 pages 
Publisher: OUP USA; 2 edition (4 Oct. 2001) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0195150015 
ISBN-13: 9780195150018 
Product Dimensions: 24 x 2.9 x 19.2 cm 



Essentials of Engineering Economic Analysis, Second Edition, includes the first twelve chapters of the best-selling textbook Engineering Economic Analysis, Eighth Edition, (1-57645-053-8) by Donald G. Newnan, Jerome P. Lavelle, and Ted G. Eschenbach. Perfect for courses taught on a quarter schedule, Essentials of Engineering Economic Analysis, Second Edition, introduces the fundamental concepts of engineering economics and covers essential time value of money principles for engineering projects. It isolates the problems and decisions engineers commonly face and examines the necessary tools for analyzing and solving those problems. Revised in 2001, the second edition focuses on the use of spreadsheets, teaching students to use the enormous capabilities of modern software. The majority of the chapters conclude with sections designed to help students create spreadsheets based on the material covered in each chapter. (The book's organization allows omission of spreadsheet instruction without loss of continuity.) This emphasis on spreadsheet computations provides excellent preparation for real-life engineering economic analysis problems. New Features BL Over sixty-five new homework problems added to the ends of chapters BL Improved content and readability BL Greater emphasis on the use of spreadsheets in real-life situations BL An entirely new chapter-- "Engineering Costs and Cost Estimating" (Chapter 2)--was suggested by adopters and answers the question, "Where do the numbers come from?" BL An increased focus on the MACRS depreciation method with a new section on recaptured depreciation and asset disposal BL An updated section on after-tax replacement efforts in Chapter 12 "Replacement Analysis" Supplements BL Solutions Manual for Engineering Economic Analysis.